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Friday, January 13, 2012

Taking Classes / Sew-Ins

I strongly encourage you to take classes at your local quilt shops no matter what level of experience you may have.  I have sat next to professional quilters in a quilt class, don't feel like you will look like a newbie.  Every day someone figures out a better way or a new technique to do something like put on binding.  I have taken classes on thread  painting and applique (not just quilting) and enjoy implementing them when I have the creative urge into my work.  Also many quilt shops have something once a week or month that may be called a Sew In or a UFO Day, (Unfinished Objects), Lock-ins, etc...that is where they encourage everyone to come in for free and bring their machines and sew together.  Sometimes you may not even get your machine out you may want to help someone with their project by helping them with basting, which is the process that keeps all 3 layers of fabric together, most likely with special safety pins or traditionally was with a needle and thread.  All levels come to socialize, so you can get free advice and training.  Sooooo remember:  we all should be able to admit we don't know everything, even if we just whisper it to ourselves...haha :-)

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