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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Introducing Two New Members of the Family!

When you hear the description, "the pitter patter of little feet" ...What is the first thing you think of?  Babies most likely, right?  Well, our pitter patter involves late night changes (aka:  being taken outside) wait for it, don't call social services yet...giggling.  Plenty of kisses, some much wetter then others.  =P And weight gain of at least 2 pounds a week!  The babies I am introducing are Copper & Dug and they are our 8 week old, F1B - Golden Doodle puppies!  (You can click here to read more about what the F1B Golden Doodle means).
Copper in the front & Dug in the back (ignore the shredded paper please)

The best thing and craziest thing we decided at a momentary loss of brain cells was to get 2 puppies.  It has been a blessing in that they have each other when I run out, so the separation anxiety has been a mute point. and have each other as playmates and pillows, 24/7.  The downside but we really did expect it, was double the mess-making.  We figured we would get the training out of the way all at once instead of waiting to introduce another puppy and restart the process again. 

 These are my favorite moments so far, seeing how much the boys all love each other.  They also have been great helpers already by feeding, helping me bathe and even cleaning up their "messes" if you know what I mean.  (pinches my nose).
My youngest, caught looking like he was about to make a mess, when he was actually cleaning up one =P
 Keep on going to see more pictures!  (Click on "READ MORE" below)  =)

The type of pen we are using for Copper and Dug =)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sandy Hook Quilt ~ Dedication Update Information

We are approaching the 5 month mark of the terrible tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.  As some of you may remember, one of my kind friend's in the quilting world came up with the idea of making an angel quilt for the 26 lives that were senselessly lost.  Her name is Sally of Sally's Quilting Corner, she took all of the blocks I made, herself and others from the USA and pieced and quilted it together.  As you know this quilt has been made for months, and we couldn't wait to place it into the hands of those hearts we hope to be touched by it.  Things were delayed due to snow, illness and even more tragic events.  Well, the time has come that is the right time to hand over this loving quilt. 
This special quilt will be dedicated on Sunday, May 19, 2013 at the YPD 5K Race (Yarmouth Police Department) that is being held at the Skipper Restaurant in South Yarmouth on South Shore Drive.  This is the 6th year that the YPD will be hosting this popular event.  There will be very special guests at this event like the father of one of the children lost at the Sandy Hook School shooting and one of the many heroes that helped save lives at the Boston Marathon Bombing and you can read more about it at Sally's website here is another update.  It is an event that I personally won't be able to attend because of a previous commitment, but my heart felt desire to help dedicate this special quilt will be there.

PS...Here is a link to some of the angel blocks I made for this quilt, 13 in all.

Hugs & Smiles, Tiffiny ~ Smilie Mommy 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 2013 ~ Scrap Book Cover

As simple as this photo scrap album cover should or could have been, it wasn't.  I made it way more complicated that it needed to be that is for sure.  =P I made this for my husband's birthday and let's just say I made a few of my dumbest sewing moments on it... Ribbit Ribbit was heard in the background (rip it) with the seam ripper way to many!

Hugs & Smiles, Tiffiny ~ Smilie Mommy