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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 October ~ Puzzle Quilt for my Puzzle Master ~ Quilt #6

Quilt top #6  Pattern name:  "Quilter's Puzzle" For my youngest Oct. 2011 - I added the GREEN border to it in Jan. 2012 once I saw how much I liked the ORANGE on his brother's :-)
All of the pieces of the puzzle represent things about him and some of the things he loves.  There are soft pretzels, grapes, tossing rocks and pebbles in the river.  Goldfish crackers, the Baltimore Ravens  , strawberries, raspberries since he loved picking them over an elderly friend of ours, his name was Mr. Jim and he sadly passed away December 2012, but this little part of the quilt will hopefully bring him back to those fun times at his home, he was in taekwando so kids in uniform doing kicks are there, hot dogs (it wasn't this hot dog fabric, but he would have liked it since he loves ketchup so much)  ...gosh and a tons more!  PS...Here is the link to the quilt top I made for his older brother, it's pattern name is Split Decision, I also made it like and eye spy type style.
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