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Monday, January 16, 2012

2011 August ~ Diagonal Corner Method for Hearts ~ Quilt #5

Quilt top #5 Gift for Hubby Aug. 2011
Close up pf Quilt top #5 to show the crazy square corners I made

Quilt #5 above is from a pattern called Hearts - Diagonal Corner Method by Emily Kolasa.  I did not follow her complete pattern, it called for it to be 40"x58" (not large enough for a grown man) and so I just added extra hearts, blocks and rows.  The pattern called for a special tool that I absolutely love and use it every time I sew (I wrote a suggestion about it here), I just found out about all of the different sizes on the website where you can also buy one :-)  The tool made it so I didn't have to draw on the fabric to sew directly down the middle and it does soooo much more, like keeping a perfect 1/4 inch with scant for the seam allowance.  The 4 different colored hearts in the center and the blocked corners represent myself, the hubby and the 2 boys since they are our favorite colors.  Remember this is our creation and we don't need to follow all of the patterns suggestions.  We are allowed to "break the rules"  Enjoying is the key!  :-)
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