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Monday, February 27, 2012

I WON a $300 Gift Card from Michaels & Movie Tickets!

Holy hooties, I am soooo excited!  I just got a call that I won a contest I had entered for "The Vow" via Michael's Arts & CraftsFunny thing is I normally don't answer calls that look like sale type calls on the caller id.  I did this time thank goodness!  So she let me know I was the winner of a $300 gift card and 2 movie tickets to see "The Vow"  So it looks like I will be taking the hubby out for a chick flick sometime soon :)  Yippeeeee, I had to shre my happy news :) Follow Me on Pinterest

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tweeting on Twitter / Pinning on Pinterest :p

Ok, the first new thing I did was about 2 weeks ago I would say I became a Pinner on Pinterest.  OMGoodness, can we say together how addictive it is?  Where was the warning label?  WoW, but what a great site for ideas and inspiration.  So now as of today, I am Tweeting on TwitterSo if anyone has any helpful hints for me, I would love to hear them :-)  I tweeted once so far, and noooooooooo, if my grandmother was still here she would think I was saying I passed gas.  LoL!  :-)  So, I would <3 to hear your advice and helpful hints, so I am looking for your suggestions this time around. :)

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Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 February ~ Matching Perfect Points While Quilt Block Piecing ~ Tutorial

Updated October 2014:  My quilty friend Wanda T. wrote me on my Facebook page, pointing out something I was totally forgetting to pass on to you even though it is in the photos below, I didn't suggest it in this tutorial.  Here is Wanda's message:  Thanks Tiffiny,
pressing those seams open will help get rid of the hard bump in the center that I hate so much! This is one of those, "why didn't I think of that" moments!
Thank you again Wanda T. for catching a very important step =)

When I took a class last April for making a Stack-n-Whack quilt the instructor taught us this neat trick on how to make our points always line up together.  I will pass what I learned on to you now by making the following picture tutorial.  I hope this tutorial helps, please let me know.  PS...this is the book and pins I used for my stack and whack patterns, you can click the picture of the book below to purchase it yourself from  :-)

This will be your finished product.  Nice pointy Points ~ not the technical term...hehe :p
1.  Pin through the back of your fabric and the top of your 1st point.
2.  With right sides of fabric facing each other you now pin the same spot right below the point going through both layers.
3.  Bottom view of two fingers holding the stabilizing pin.
4.  Pin along one side of the stabilizing pin, while stabilizing pin from bottom & after matching the seams on the bottom & top.
5.  Pin on the other side of the center stabilizing pin (I use these flat head butterfly pins).

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Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 February ~ Make your Own Design Wall Tutorial :-) *DIY*

Today I did something that I had been wanting to do for probably 6 months now.  I made my very own design wall, totally by myself.  I took myself to Home Depot and purchased 3 foam boards of insulation.  They measured 2 feet by 8 feet and fit together nicely since they had tongue and grooves on the side.  They were very light in weight but they practically blew me across the parking lot like a kite when I went to put them in my vehicle...haha!  Then I headed to JoAnn Fabrics and lucked out since the batting I wanted to purchase was now just $6.99 a yard instead of the normal price of $14.99.  That was better then the discount my coupon was going to do :p  I purchased 3 yards of Warm & White cotton batting since the wof (width of fabric) was 90 inches (45 inches folded in half)  and wanted a little bit extra just in case.  I could have gotten away with 2.5 yards.  Otherwise you just need duct tape and pins.  So let me start showing you my pictures from today :-)
Slide the panels together, mine rest together nicely because of the tongue and groove it had on the sides.   Duct Tape the front and back of the foam panels.
The back of my panels after being taped.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2011 August ~ A pretty pillow with butterflies & flowers Front:-)

Front of the pillow :-) I made this August 2011
Back of the pillow from August 2011 :-)

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2011 July ~ Ladybug pillow :-)

Pillow was a gift for a 4 year old, she sleeps on it every night I hear :-) 7/2011
Back of the pillow and you can see the label in the top corner that I made :-) 7/2011

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2011 December ~ Pillow I used Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 :-)

I used Lite which is a fusible web to make the hearts for this pillow 12/2011.  The different colored hearts represent, my hubby, me and my two boys :-)

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2011 February ~ First Pillow I made

This was the 1st pillow I made February 2011 for my husband, he likes colors that aren't as wild and I like them :-)

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Awesome wedding coordinator/ minister!

I used Paula from Deep Creek for You when it was time to get married to my wonderful hubby.  
I would recommend using Paula as your planner/ officiant/ minister, she took care of so much for us.  Paula picked up our cake and flowers for us the day of the wedding, one less thing for us to worry about.  She EVEN tied my shoes for me! Sweet and sincere and a beautiful heart and smile that shows on both the inside and out.  If you are about to get married or know someone who is.  I would say you can definitely trust that she is going to handle it for you! A+++
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