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Monday, September 24, 2012

I am alive, just to let you know :-)

Here is just a glimpse of the fabrics I feel like I almost "stole from Cape Cod!  :-)
If anyone has been wondering where in the world Tiffiny has been, I am still here, alive and kicking :-) So sorry I haven't blogged in it feels like forever.  :-)   I have been traveling with my husband with his job, which has given me many things to blog about, believe me when I can grab some time to do it, I took tons of pictures of our trip to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard!  While there I also was able to meet one of my Quilty friends, Sally who lives up that way and we went to a quilt shop together and had a blast picking on each other and some how I managed to even find perverted fabric I thought she should buy, hahaha!  An added bonus for me when I travel with him is I go hunting for quilt shops when he is busy in his conferences, which this last time I needed a suitcase for the trip back, but to my defense the fabric was between $.99 & $4.00 a yard!  One store was going out of business and another was having a mega sale to try to keep up it seems, I was in quilty world heaven we can say!  So when I can get caught up, which is hopefully sometime in the near future I will be posting pictures of all of my goodies.  Until then, thanks for waiting for me and chat soon.   :-)
Bigger pic, since a few friends told me the pic above was to much of a tease :-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 September ~ Busy ripping out a quilt, piecing Quilt #10 and traveling :-)

Hi everyone, wow time has been flying by between school starting for my boys and way tooooo many trips to the dentist this past month and a trip to Virginia & Pennsylvania!  Been busy with my seam ripper for the Labyrinth king size quilt that is meant for our own bed and continuing to piece together my Quilt #10 which has 1296 triangles in it, where I am using the 15 Degree Ruler designed by Erin Underwood, here is a link to her awesome quilting blog. She is a professional quilter, instructor and pattern designer.  She is a sweet lady, who is down to Earth and very easy to talk to, she is always willing to give advice when asked!  :-)

My bin of fabrics and completed paper pieces to the left! :-)
My paper piecing pile up haha :-p