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Monday, January 16, 2012

2011 January ~ My Beginner's Sampler Quilt / My 1st Quilt

Let me introduce you to my first quilt top I have EVER made, I had to take a sewing class before I was allowed to take the Sampler class since I hadn't sewn since Home-Economics in middle school!  I received my sewing machine Christmas 2010, it was a gift from my husband.
This is it, I truly loved my first experience!  Even if I made my Quilting teacher extra nervous with all of my non-muted shades.  I was supposed to choose a variety of neutrals I found out after class started.  Oops, but it all worked out and she was a bit shocked as she put it...hehehe  (Sampler class taken:  Jan. - Feb. 2011) This Beginner's Sampler Quilt is made of of 6 blocks (from left to right); a rail fence, drunkard's path, 8 pointed star and the bottom row is 3 different variable stars I also designed myself.  This still needs to be batted, quilted and binded.  If you notice the outside border is mitered, I taught myself how to do that and the square corners out of a book I would recommend to anyone who wants a quick and easy how to guide with great pictures, it is called The Quilting Bible -3rd Edition and I still find myself using it.
This is the rail fence block that I added a border around with square corners.  Even more reason I was freaking my teacher out, she wasn't sure where I came =P
Variable Star, I designed for the above Sampler Quilt
My 1st Drunkard's Path

Here is it again, in a closer up and tilted view =)

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