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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sleepy sewing = a different type of Crazy Quilting :-p

Not sure how I managed to do it but I erased a story I wrote earlier. This story was about how I was falling asleep while sewing the other day and in my mind since I was hearing the hum of the machine and appeared to be on the fabric then it must be great...hahaha...NOT! So I can't even blame it on the dog who historically gets accused of eating everything from homework and being the one passing all of the gas. I don't even own a dog...giggles. So the morning after as I'm ripping out my version of Crazy Quilting of a barely there seam allowance...hehehe :-) I was thinking to myself if I would do sleepy sewing again. The answer is most likely yes, since honesty is the best policy, it is hard to walk away sometimes when you think you are almost to a certain point. But redoing stuff can be such a pain in the the moral of the story is try not to fall asleep behind the wheel and with the pedal to the metal of your sewing machine. :-p
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