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Friday, October 12, 2012

Back again...this time from Tennessee! :-)

Up the Strings it says  "Honky~Tonk Heroes"
So I was in Tennessee for the last 3 days.  I have to be honest I am not really a country girl, meaning the music, it was really interesting finding a channel on the radio, it actually ends up growing on you though...haha!  But I do love the southern hospitality & charm, their awesome accents, sweet potato fries and the evil but incredibly delicious cookies our hotel had creeping out at every corner waiting for us.  I was keeping my eyes open for the perfect pair of boots for me, but perfect and too much $ clashed, I like bargains and wouldn't be willing to spend $300-$700 for a pair of cow girl boots!  
I even managed to get out to a few quilt shops.  To protect the guilty, I will leave the store unnamed but it was a bit rustic, dusty (dirty), out of date and can I say (cough cough) smoky inside.  It was the 1st one I visited while in Tennessee so it had me nervous for my next adventures of shop hops of the day, but hey, I am always up for an adventure.  This one just happened to have two yapping dogs included for free in the package.  This should be my last trip for a bit.  I am grateful for my husband's work trips and that I get to tag along, but it does put a glitch into getting any sewing done.  With that said....
Elvis has left the building! ;-)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Consider Organ Donation ~ I did :-)

On a personal note, something to consider and none of us really want to think about or even talk about is if you want to be a donor or not. I know it is a tough topic for many.  My uncle passed away a few weeks ago and his skin alone was able to help over 40 people!  To me that is an amazing gift to be able to give when who knows when our # is called and end up leaving our world maybe in tragic circumstances.  I have already chosen to be a donor for many years, so that tough emotional decision is already made for my loved ones, what about you? Here is a link I found that may be helpful for organ and tissue donation. :-)
If you want to see different views of these appliqued hearts I designed onto a pillow click this link and it will take you to the correct page, thanks for reading my post.  :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back again~ 2 new quilt shops, beaches, food and did I mention quilt shops?! :-)

Ok, so I did warn you I wasn't done with the traveling quite yet.  Just didn't tell you it was so going to be so soon.  Sneaky me....giggles!  :-)  Ok, so the people that take care of our attack hamster know when we are gone, that is the important part and our neighbors the cops, I should bake them some cookies or better yet quilt them up something like these simple coasters I made a while back!  So again, I need to somehow catch up on the pictures I keep taking.  Here is one cool one I took while the hubby was driving us to the hotel from the airport in Florida. 

 I didn't think it turned out too bad since he was probably going around 70 miles per hour and all!  The skies were beautiful most of the time we were there.  I managed to get to two great quilt shops but behaved myself compared to my last trip when I was in Cape Cod.  I am very grateful for my husband's work conferences and my lack of fear of being out of state and following a GPS.  Ok, I need to run and pick the boys up from school, I am looking forward to catching up on this blog and most of all touching my sewing machine again!  Thanks for hanging in there with me, the traveling for this year is soon over :-)