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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trip to Virginia ~ 2012 July

Well, we had our first semi-camping trip about a week ago.  Semi meaning we were on a "camp ground" but we rented a travel trailer.  We considered bringing a tent to also rough it a bit more, but if we had we would have been flooded out by the huge thunder storms we were in the middle of.  I also managed to bring my sewing machine and work on the paper piecing for this quilt I have started and I visited two different quilt shops on one of our rainy days!  Just to warn everyone I have posted a bunch of pictures in this post. :-)
My only pic the trailer we rented :)

We made it to JellyStone Park :-)

Yes, he is doing what you think as his big brother looks on like he is crazy.

I had to go out for the sunrise!
Anyone who knows me, knows I love sunset & sunrises!

My oldest, very excited he is driving the golf cart.
We then let my youngest have a go at it!

Eerie looking sky

We had so much rain while we were there.

Hat from Colonial Williamsburg

Bathroom sign, while there :-)

VA Followers, let me know if you know the name of this please :-)

I spotted a rainbow :)

My husband, being drenched by all of the kids on the water ride LoL! He even asked the ride operator to blow her whistle! :-)

Serenity, the ship in the distance.

crepe myrtles - Pink & white :-)

Go-carts, pics of each in the lead to be fair, haha :-)
Notice he is on alone? Youngest asked to get off after 1 loop around.
Out front of the VA Living Museum

Very hungry, snapping turtle :->
The rarely seen, double headed snapping turtle! :-)

Such an actor :-)

I spy a....

Beavers grooming each other :-)

Jellyfish :-)

Keep going, almost done....zzzzzzzzzzz....sorry about all of these pictures :-)

Lobster, he had no fear he would be dinner :)

Black Snake shedding :)

I had heard this before, very cool!

Took this pic while in a bathroom, I had to do it! haha
Last morning, view from trailer.

Sunrise view from a puddle :-)

Washington Monument from a truck going 65mph+ hah

Ice Anyone? Read below haha

Okay, the story of the ice goes like this, I walk in from the garage and notice that the ice tray catcher thing (technical term) is sitting in the sink, hmmmmmm, I wonder if possibly?  So I grabbed a towel, thankfully and laid it out on the floor under the freezer door.  I then opened it up and surprise, the ice maker was making ice while we were away!  I know what you are thinking, but I can not take credit for this one, I will not blatantly point the finger at (clears throat), my husband, because that wouldn't be fair...giggles.  He had filled the cooler before we left with some items that needed to stay cold for our trip and may have forgotten to put it back in the freezer when he was finished.  So this is my story to and from our trip to Virginia.  I hope it gave you a chuckle or two.  :-)


  1. Looks like Crape Myrtle flowers, pink & white.

    1. Thank you for the response, I was thinking that same thing but just wasn't sure :-)

  2. You were practically in my neighborhood!! As far as where that one photo was taken... it looks like every other marsh around here - lol! What city were you in?

    1. Sooooo funny! Thanks so much for responding. My husband says that pic was taken near Williamsburg. I do know we were driving over a bridge when I took that picture, not that it helps any haha :-)

    2. Then my best guess is that it's either New Quarter Park which is actually in York County or York River State Park. I did an adventure race at New Quarter. Both are great :)

  3. Hubby said he thinks it was on Memorial National something or other...hahaha...helpful?