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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 July ~ Lunch Bag & Link to an Awesome FREE Tutorial!

Full view of the lunch bag, I used his favorite football team as the main fabric, pizza print for the rim, musical notes and pebbles on the handles and if you see penguins popping out of the top, that is the special cover to keep things from falling out.  I love love love this design!
I finally made my first bag over the last couple days, it is a lunch bag for my oldest son, the fabrics I chose are all things that he loves, so it is unique for him.  I got this FREE pattern from my new friend's, Ayumi's wonderful craft Blog, she has soooooo many great tutorials with fantastic pictures to go along with it, you must check her stuff out! 
A peek inside of the lunch bag, you can see the carrots waiting inside as the liner :-) See the signed tag inside also? :-)
Here is my son, proudly holding his new lunch bag, he gives it a thumbs up :-p
Pic of me with my oldest baby, this pic was taken June 24, 2012 :-)
***If you want to see the lunch bag I made for my youngest baby, go ahead and click here, this is the link to the newer post.  =)

When you visit Ayumi's site, leave her a comment, tell her Tiffiny sent you :-)  She is a real Sweet Heart!  :-)


  1. Tiffiny! Thank you for writing up such a lovely blogpost about my lunch bag tutorial! Your lunch bag is so unique and meaningful!! Your son is so lucky to have a mom like you who knows and cares about his favorite things! And the picture of you two is just so darling!! Such a lovely family!

    1. BIG hugs! Thank you, it really was a great bag to make, I will be making it with duck fabrics for my youngest son, in his favorite colors :-)

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    1. Thanks soooo much Sally, I appreciate that :-)

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    1. Awwwwwww thank you, he is such a great kid too, I am very blessed with 2 awesome boys! Thanks for the comment and have a great day! :-)