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Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 July ~ Quilt #10 Under Way!

I am soooooooo excited with how this quilt is going to look when it is finished!  In this plastic bin is 1296 triangles and 72 squares!  The color is not showing up like it does to the eye, it is much more of pretty 3 toned purple, it almost looks blue in the picture.  I can't wait to get it going!  :-)

 I will be using my brand new favorite ruler, made by Erin Underwood.  It is called the 15 Degree Ruler ! The things you can do with this ruler are endless!  :-)

PS...I still need to cut out the wedges, when I do this, I will update the count of pieces!  :-)


  1. How big is it going to be and will you be putting up pictures as you go?

    1. Thanks PT for the great questions. The finished size of this quilt will be approximately 68" x 68". I take pics of everything and if you ask my family, I take too many, but my thought is when memories fade we have pics to bring us back to that specific day and time :-) So, yes, I have taken pics of the progress so far, but was actually considering keeping this one a surprise since it was my most involved of any I've made to this point. Thanks again for your questions and let me know your thoughts. :-)