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Friday, October 12, 2012

Back again...this time from Tennessee! :-)

Up the Strings it says  "Honky~Tonk Heroes"
So I was in Tennessee for the last 3 days.  I have to be honest I am not really a country girl, meaning the music, it was really interesting finding a channel on the radio, it actually ends up growing on you though...haha!  But I do love the southern hospitality & charm, their awesome accents, sweet potato fries and the evil but incredibly delicious cookies our hotel had creeping out at every corner waiting for us.  I was keeping my eyes open for the perfect pair of boots for me, but perfect and too much $ clashed, I like bargains and wouldn't be willing to spend $300-$700 for a pair of cow girl boots!  
I even managed to get out to a few quilt shops.  To protect the guilty, I will leave the store unnamed but it was a bit rustic, dusty (dirty), out of date and can I say (cough cough) smoky inside.  It was the 1st one I visited while in Tennessee so it had me nervous for my next adventures of shop hops of the day, but hey, I am always up for an adventure.  This one just happened to have two yapping dogs included for free in the package.  This should be my last trip for a bit.  I am grateful for my husband's work trips and that I get to tag along, but it does put a glitch into getting any sewing done.  With that said....
Elvis has left the building! ;-)

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