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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Consider Organ Donation ~ I did :-)

On a personal note, something to consider and none of us really want to think about or even talk about is if you want to be a donor or not. I know it is a tough topic for many.  My uncle passed away a few weeks ago and his skin alone was able to help over 40 people!  To me that is an amazing gift to be able to give when who knows when our # is called and end up leaving our world maybe in tragic circumstances.  I have already chosen to be a donor for many years, so that tough emotional decision is already made for my loved ones, what about you? Here is a link I found that may be helpful for organ and tissue donation. :-)
If you want to see different views of these appliqued hearts I designed onto a pillow click this link and it will take you to the correct page, thanks for reading my post.  :-)


  1. That is amazing about your uncle! I am so sorry for your loss, though. We donated our baby girl's heart valve. If we had known about the eye bank, we would have contacted them.

  2. Awwwww, I'm terribly sorry for your loss. A baby girl, I can not imagine how difficult that must have been and probably still is to deal with. Thank you for sharing such a tough situation with me. I know there must be some peace knowing she was able to help someone else with her passing. What a gift to be able to provide. Truly priceless. Hugs to you and yours. I hope to hear from youbagain soon :-)

  3. Already registered as an organ donor here in the UK. If they can use it, they can have it (As long as I've finished with it of course!)

    1. Very good way to put it PT :-) Hugs, thanks for sharing that with me, I think it is a great gift to be able to give when it is our time to go. :-)