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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of my family and friends, new and old!  I came across this picture from last Mother's Day and thought it was a great time to post it :-)  Soooooooo let, me tell you about my Mother's Day this year (so far).  I was told by the hubby I needed to cooperate and stay in the bedroom, the boys were going to be making me breakfast in bed.  I have NEVER had breakfast in bed before today, so I waited with excitement of the unknown of what was about to unfold.  I had my camera ready and attempted to take video at the same time.  Something had to give, so I kept on with taking video.  I had scrambled eggs, with grilled chicken inside, cantaloupe, oj and toast.....yummmmy!  But the best part was the boys sang and danced for me!  My youngest since he was teeny tiny, thought the song "Juke Box Hero by Foreigner" ------> was saying Juice Box Hero!  So they came in with juice boxes in hand and rocked out!  That was awesome!  I also was given a purple lacrosse stick with coordinating purple ball, since I didn't share well last time we went out and played catch with the boys. a cool license plate frame for the Ravens and a Gift Certificate to one of my favorite quilt shops!!!!  I was definitely spoiled this year!  Thank you to my three men, two small and one just right :-) xoxox! 

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