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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 May ~ Trip to Grand Canyon & Phoenix AZ

So grateful to have a wonderful trip to Arizona, it was hot but not humid, one day was even 110*F!  We had a wonderful time, even took a 4 hour drive to see the Grand Canyon and stayed until sunset!  I shop hopped at least 7 different quilt shops in the Phoenix area too and there is a book I need to buy, that they were out of too, here it is if you are also interested:    . 

Things I am most grateful for when I got back home, first of all knowing I see my boys soon, then my own bed and pillows, sewing machine, toliet paper, oh my goodness, the hotel (Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa) was wonderful but the tp was sooooo thin...hahaha, then most of all having a towel that covers all my body parts at the same time and that I could actually go out in the parking lot with if there had been a fire alarm (phewwwww, I am soooo glad that didn't happen).  Pics of trip below:
Pic I took while below the rim @ the Grand Canyon - May 2012
Different view of the Grand Canyon - May 2012

Click on images to see them larger :-)

Sunset reflection in stream by our hotel - May 2012

Sunsets reflections in stream where we stayed ~ May 2012

Wild Horse on Dusk 2002 by Sandra Nasewytewa (Pima, Seneca)
I loved the fussy cutting she used for this horse :-)
Morning Quail 2002 by Sandra Nasewytewa (Pima, Seneca) Textile - Quilt

I had to take a pic of these 2 guys in kilts during a BBQ Festival!

And 3 different types of flowers I was helped by an online friend with their proper names, thank you Jesse :-)
"Pink Fairy Duster"
(Calliandra eriophylla.)
Trumpet Bush (Tecoma stans.)
"Mexican Bird of Paradise" (Caesalpiniapulcherrima.) It is poisonous.
Ok, this isn't a flower HAHA, but it was my yummy french toast breakfast on my last day in AZ :-D

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