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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tweeting on Twitter / Pinning on Pinterest :p

Ok, the first new thing I did was about 2 weeks ago I would say I became a Pinner on Pinterest.  OMGoodness, can we say together how addictive it is?  Where was the warning label?  WoW, but what a great site for ideas and inspiration.  So now as of today, I am Tweeting on TwitterSo if anyone has any helpful hints for me, I would love to hear them :-)  I tweeted once so far, and noooooooooo, if my grandmother was still here she would think I was saying I passed gas.  LoL!  :-)  So, I would <3 to hear your advice and helpful hints, so I am looking for your suggestions this time around. :)

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  1. All my points are on point! I'm so happy with the results😃

    1. Hi there! Is this from following my tutorial on perfect points? If so I am so excited to hear that! =)