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Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 February ~ Make your Own Design Wall Tutorial :-) *DIY*

Today I did something that I had been wanting to do for probably 6 months now.  I made my very own design wall, totally by myself.  I took myself to Home Depot and purchased 3 foam boards of insulation.  They measured 2 feet by 8 feet and fit together nicely since they had tongue and grooves on the side.  They were very light in weight but they practically blew me across the parking lot like a kite when I went to put them in my vehicle...haha!  Then I headed to JoAnn Fabrics and lucked out since the batting I wanted to purchase was now just $6.99 a yard instead of the normal price of $14.99.  That was better then the discount my coupon was going to do :p  I purchased 3 yards of Warm & White cotton batting since the wof (width of fabric) was 90 inches (45 inches folded in half)  and wanted a little bit extra just in case.  I could have gotten away with 2.5 yards.  Otherwise you just need duct tape and pins.  So let me start showing you my pictures from today :-)
Slide the panels together, mine rest together nicely because of the tongue and groove it had on the sides.   Duct Tape the front and back of the foam panels.
The back of my panels after being taped.
Cover the panels with your batting.
Cut away the extra batting leaving enough to cover the edges.

I pushed pins into the edge, about 1 every 4 inches.
Ta 6 foot x 8 foot design wall is complete and being put to good use!  You may need nails or hooks on the back to secure it to the wall.
 Let me know what you think and what changes you made to make it easier for you when you make your own design wall.  :-)

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  1. Thanks for posting this how-to! I want to make one of these for my sewing room. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, too!

    1. I am glad you liked it Jen. I had a friend ask about if it was able to be folded up to be stored. And I actually considered that option before hand but thought I would just put it up in one large section since I would always want it out to put things on. If you would want it to fold I wouldn't tape both sides and probably try to find insulation that is flat on the edges instead of tongue and grove like I used. I look forward to visiting your blog again soon :-) Tiffiny ~ Smilie Mommy :-)