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Thursday, November 28, 2013

2013 November ~ Picturing Piecing Butterfly Quilt Block with Fussy Cutting ~ IQBS

For the friends who have been following along, in the summer I joined a wonderful group of quilting people, I can't say ladies since I do believe we have two brave men in our group who put up with us giggling all of the time.  The group is called the IQBS ~ International Quilt Block Swap, you can read more about the group by clicking the link above and also searching keyword IQBS on my website in the top left corner of this page.  You will be able to see the previous posts that include some of the beautiful blocks our group has been making for each other!  

Well, here are two of my most recent blocks I have made.  I had been wanting to try this new technique (to me) called "Picture Piecing" not to be confused with paper piecing.  I had seen some beautiful quilts that looked like real pictures and I wanted to learn how to do it.  So this purple butterfly block above was made from a pattern inside the book 
I bought off of Amazon, called Picture Piecing, that was actually signed on the inside cover by Cynthia England herself, but you have to make sure you purchase it directly from the author herself and I am not sure if maybe I was just the lucky new book owner of the day.  The butterfly block flew to Italy to be enjoyed by a quilt friend there near Rome.

The other block I made was for a quilty friend in the UK and she wanted the color red used in her block. 

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