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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

International Quilt Block Swap IQBS ~ Guest Blogger to Be ~ Stephanie S.

 Hi everyone!  Remember me?  I know it has been way too long since I have written on my blog or even sewed for that matter.  But I do have tons of projects going on (in my head at least) HaHaHA =P "Sew" finally this past weekend I unpacked my sewing machine!  Wooo hoooo, big news I know!  Whispers...I did need to buy a new iron today since mine is missing at the moment...hehe =)
Well, back to the reason we are here today!  I have the pleasure of introducing a very sweet friend of mine in the quilting world whose name is Stephanie S., she will be my first guest blogger (to be).  She hasn't taken the official leap yet of starting her own blog (She needs to, she is wonderful), although she has helped organized an awesome group for us called IQBS ~ International Quilt Block Swap via Facebook.  It is exactly how it sounds, we will be swapping quilt blocks internationally!  I am so thrilled to be part of it.  I will let Stephanie explain the group herself below.   
PS...If you need this translated, I have a gadget on the top right side that should do this for you.  =)
Hugs & smiles, Tiffiny =)
 International Quilt Block Swap
Administrator: Stephanie S.
Social media has broadened our worlds. It’s as easy to chat with another quilter in Spain, as it is to chat with your sweetheart about dinner plans. Out of this idea grew a new group, The International Quilt Block Swap: IQBS. We are a group of quilters from around the world sharing our love of quilting. Members of our group come from Australia, Indonesia, India, Sweden, Spain, America, just to name a few. It’s an exciting project for us and I feel fortunate to be the administrator of such a diverse, talented and genuine group of quilters. It’s wonderful to see the different fabrics and techniques that are used in other countries. For example, Ana, who lives on a tiny island in Indonesia, works in beautiful batiks that are native to her country. She creates gorgeous original designs. Emanuela, who lives in Rome, is a master-quilter, whose personal designs win ribbon after ribbon. One of my favorite members is a brand-new quilter, who lives in a small town in Australia. She was reluctant to join but I’m glad I reassured her and she joined us. I can’t believe that she is a beginner. It’s rewarding to help her with her designs and to see progress on her projects. Some of us live in the US like Qurrat Thakur, whose block is featured in this blog. She lives in Austin, Texas. We met through our Facebook group but she lives just a few miles away from me! She has a lovely way of combining colors and fabrics. We have members of all skill-levels, working in many design-styles, contemporary, modern, and traditional. We come from all walks of life, city and country, rich and poor, new and experienced but we all share a love of quilting.  (More pics & description, click read more) =)
 Block designed by Ana Srihadiana of Indonesia

IQBS is a Facebook-based group with 27 members. We each make two blocks a month, in a design of our choosing, highlighting fabrics or techniques of our country or area or a favorite technique. There are two quilters, each month, our “Star Quilters,” who receive blocks from the rest of the group. It is an easy commitment for most, just two blocks a month. We wanted the group to be a trouble-free experience, with the least amount of rules as possible so we can be free to create and share our art, quilting.
Block designed by Quarrat Thakur
Block designed by Emanuela of Rome, Italy
 We recently lost one member so we are looking for someone new! If you are a quilter, who lives outside of the US, Canada or Australia, and would like to participate, please feel free to email me for further details or leave a message on this post. My email is  We would love to have you as part of our group!
PS...If you would like to see the 2 quilt blocks I made for July just go ahead and click =)


  1. To any prospective quilter out there-"Jump in and join us- it's heaps of fun!"

    1. Hi Merrill! Thanks "sew" much for commenting on this post! I couldn't agree more, we have a great group of talented folks and would LOVE to have some more. Stephanie has been an awesome leader too!

      Hugs & Smiles, Tiffiny =)