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Friday, September 6, 2013

What I did yesterday... Staining our Amish Built Swing!

So I decided yesterday was the day I was going to stain our new swing that I pretty much found in a local Amish families yard!  He promised me I wasn't taking his wife's swing and that it was there to purchase.  Soooo anyway, I love our new swing!  I really love it since I stained it yesterday for over 6 hours...our neighbor down the hill was even yelling up that they loved the color (of course while I was laying under it, yesssss, I even painted the bottom of it!)  Let me know what you think, I am pretty proud of it, especially since it was the first time I stained anything besides my shirt...giggles, I crack me up!  =P




  1. So now are they trading swings at the Amish sweat shops for quilting? It looks great. nice work
    You know who wrote this one !!!!

  2. Looks does the view. I could enjoy a swing there. =)

    1. Thanks "sew" much hehehe =P
      It is my favorite place to sit and think or just day dream =)
      Thank you for leaving a comment!
      Hugs & smiles, Tiffiny