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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Starting a New Topic ~ Inspirational Quotes =)

Seems I have gotten into a habit (the good kind) of posting some meaningful quotes to me and hopefully for others on my Facebook page.  So, my thought is to start posting them right here on my blog as well =)  I am going to copy the ones that were on my page with their dates and will start a new daily post from there on out.  The quotes mostly have been from two books I have my nose into, one is called, "The Woman's Book of Courage" by Sue Patton Thoele.  A friend I have had since I was in 6th grade gave it to me a few years back and just recently opened it for the first time.  It is wonderful in my opinion!  The 2nd book I am getting many of the quotes from is a book by Claudia Black, PhD,  "The Truth Begins With You".

September 10, 2013 ~ When we discover our thoughts wandering back to the unchangeable past or forward into the unforeseeable future, we can choose to bring our awareness back to now, this moment. Quote of the Day by Sue Patton Thoele 

September 9, 2013 ~ Each of us has been given something more priceless than dollars, 1440 minutes every day. Do we get our money's worth? Quote of the Day by Sue Patton Thoele  

September 8, 2013 ~ To love is to be available and accessible to another-physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Quote of the Day by Sue Patton Thoele  

September 7, 2013 ~ Accept yourself for who you are-no longer waiting for others to define or approve of you. Quote of the Day by Claudia Black, PhD  

September 6, 2013 ~ It's not about doing it right or wrong; it's about doing your best. ~ Quote of the Day by Claudia Black, PhD 

September 5, 2013 ~ As selfishness and complaint pervert and cloud the mind, so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision. ~ Helen Keller ~ Quote of the Day

September 4, 2013 ~ Hope inspires and energizes, illuminating the possibilities. ~ Claudia Black, PhD Quote of the Day!

September 3, 2013 ~ Life changing transformations take courage. ~ Claudia Black, PhD ~ Quote of the day
September 1, 2013 ~ You are not responsible for others' behaviors, thoughts and feelings. You are responsible for yours. ~ Claudia Black, PhD ~ Quote of the Day

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!  =)  To see today's quote of the day, click here.  =) 

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