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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Appliqued Angel Quilt Blocks for the Sandy Hook Tribute Quilt

Enjoyed sailing.  Abbreviations S. H. standing for Sandy Hook.
I am so grateful for being able to participate in the making of the angel quilt blocks that are going into the tribute quilt that will be given to Sandy Hook Elementary School, you also can see the other blocks I have made here too.  Thank you, Sally for sharing the idea and making it happen with your connections since you are also in the Red Cross!  
Was a proud girly girl :)
Loved horses

Being a mom of two young boys, I can not fathom the loss these families are dealing with all while under the spot light of the world.  While reading over news posts in the last few weeks, looking for little details to add a personal touch of each block I was contributing in honor of a victim, I was amazed by all of the strength and courage the families have.  
Baltimore Ravens, Autism Puzzle Piece & favorite color of purple
Loved Math

We had company this past Sunday and it made me feel very proud but yanked on my heart at the same time when I heard my youngest son who is eight talking from my sewing room almost as if he was introducing the children in the room with him (the angel quilt blocks) to our company.  He had asked me questions, been paying attention and pointing out the similarities he had with so many of them.  He had said his own little quiet prayers for each one of them as they went up on my design wall.  These are kids he would have loved being friends with.  The world has lost some wonderful little and grown people.  Hopefully the making of this quilt will help the ones who will walk by where ever it will be hung regain a new little memory of their friend's and family they have lost and brighten their day with a smile that they can pass on to someone else who needs it nearby.
Loved to draw.
Also loved to do art.

I am not able to provide the names of who I made the blocks for yet since that will be done when it is given to the school.  Thank you for understanding.  :-)
Favorite team was NY Giants & Player was Victor Cruz # 80

Believe me, I have been hugging my boys a bit tighter and longer since this tragedy took place. 
Close up of Sailboat, notice flag on top is like a candy cane stripe.
And Kate the Seven to Seven Seamstress made a beautiful quilted angel block for this quilt along with a beautiful heart felt story.  You must read it.  Leave her a comment, let her know I sent you please =) .
Hugs & Smiles, Tiffiny ~ Smilie Mommy


  1. Absolutely Awesome blog post thank you for all your hard work...

    1. Hugs Sallllly! So glad I have been able to help you with it! You are welcome, and it is difficult to explain but I miss the quilt blocks being here on my wall, I feel like I wanted to take over and make all of them. :p Hope I didn't get too pushy or anything. Luv ya girlie, you rock! :-)

  2. Beautiful pieces for such a sad reason. MY thoughts are with their families

    1. I agree, I understand completely what you are saying and wish it was for a happier cause. But am glad I could take part in it and hope it somehow helps even one person during their time of sorrow and healing. xox =) PS...Thanks for being a great follower on my blog!

  3. How sweet are your boys! Out of the mouths of babes. I love your angels. I think it is hard on the siblings left. I too pray for those families. Thank you for doing this.

    1. Thank you Judy, kind of you. Making these angels were an emotional thing to do, but something I would do again and wish I had thought of it myself. Hugs, and thank you for your kind words. Tiffiny xo

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Pat, thanks for giving us the opportunity to share things we are making on your blog as well! It will be one project I will never forget and that will always be held closest to my heart. Hugs, Tiffiny

      PS...For anyone else who may be reading this here is a link to Pat's blog: