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Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 2013 ~ Scrap Book Cover

As simple as this photo scrap album cover should or could have been, it wasn't.  I made it way more complicated that it needed to be that is for sure.  =P I made this for my husband's birthday and let's just say I made a few of my dumbest sewing moments on it... Ribbit Ribbit was heard in the background (rip it) with the seam ripper way to many!

Hugs & Smiles, Tiffiny ~ Smilie Mommy


  1. Bet it was worth all the effort ;-) Looking good. Is it three seperate pieces?

    1. Hi there PT =) It is like how you are describing, 3 pieces as in a front, back and a center for the quilted padding. Very observant, you are in deed. Well, thanks as always for keeping an eye on my blog. xox Tiffiny =)