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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quilts / Quilt Tops & More Still Being Collected / Needed For Super Storm Sandy

Remember the huge storm we had the end of October that ripped up the east coast, Storm Sandy and devastated huge parts of New York?  I know some of us may have let it slip our minds with all things like the holidays we are preparing for, the tragedy in Connecticut but those families are also still in need.  The Hoppin Bobbin, the only quilt shop my boys will ever ask to go in to with me has been collecting finished quilts and quilt tops for the families of New York since it happened.  I just found out they are still collecting them and also looking for the every day things you need to stay warm when out in the cold.  Imagine what you send your children bundled up in to play in the snow or what you walk from your front door to your car in the ice and that is what they would need as well.  So ANY help would be greatly appreciated!  All of the info of what is needed and where to send the quilts to can be found right on the website above for the Hoppin Bobbin!  :-)

PS...Oh by the way, if you noticed in the pictures, there is a really cute Pomeranian getting her belly rubbed, that is Tootsie.  She may be a minor reason why they ask to go to that specific shop so much, but hey if it gives me an extra excuse to go in, I am all for it!  They are an awesome group of ladies who will answer any and all of your questions!  :-) <3
PPS...They do actually both enjoy sewing as well!
PPPS...The quilt behind their shoulders was designed and made by Erin Underwood, the pattern can be found here and is called, Cathedral Windows by Machine!  :-)

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