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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pillowcases for the Children of Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut

With the tragedy in the Connecticut school that struck the hearts of so many across the world just a few days ago, leaves most of us with questions that may not ever be answered.  But if one of the questions you have is what can you do to help make a difference in the children who did physically survive this ordeal there is something that may seem simple but it could still be so touching to know they are being thought of as well.  And you can do this easily with your own children, it is making pillowcases!  :-)

I saw on Facebook last night that Becky, of Quilter's Corner  in New Milford, CT is trying to collect 600 new home-made pillow cases for the children who still attend Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut by the return of Christmas break.  Okay, I hear it already, but I don't know if I can make a pillow case... Well, Canton Village Quilt Works located in Canton, CT was nice enough to share a FREE 20 minute Pillow Case pattern with all of us (I love LQS helping each other)!  Still thinking you aren't sure if you can do this or not?  Well, here are pictures of my boys when my oldest was just 9 and my youngest when he was only 7 making their 1st pillow cases!  If they can so it, so can you!  :-)  They are now 11 & 8 and will surely be helping me make more for this cause.  All of the information of where to ship your finished pillowcases can be found on the Quilter's Corner Facebook page, just let them know that Smilie Mommy (Tiffiny's- me - Facebook page) sent you their way if you are able to help, even if it is just one or two, they add up and will make a difference to a precious child and hopefully bring a smile to their face!
Carefully rolling his pillow case :-)
Big T taking his time learning how to sew :)
LiL T watching his big brother sew :-)

You may also enjoy the blog post I wrote called the Challenge of Change in early November and the blog post from last week about believing in yourself, friends have told me it was pretty uplifting for them.  :-)

LiLT was wearing his as a cape! :-)
Using an iron for the 1st time!
LiL T proudly standing in front of Big T for the big reveal!