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Monday, February 17, 2014

My New Juki Sewing Machine!

"Sew" I received this new sewing machine made by Juki for a Christmas, birthday and Valentine's present.  I am in love and very blessed to have it.  Okay, I need to stop referring to by saying "It".  She had a name that was Japanese and I know it started with an A, but don't tell her, I forgot it.  So I think I have figured out another name for her and maybe this is semi lame but since "HZL-F600"  is the model and it looks like Hazel to me, that will be her new name.  My friend Stephanie suggested giving her a name and was on the phone with me when I first did, but she also forgot it...hahaha!  I have friends that name their cars and motorcycles so maybe it isn't so strange to name my sewing machine as well.  What about you, do you name your sewing machines / long arm machines or Sergers?  Leave me a note and share with me what you call yours.  =)

Hugs & Smiles, Tiffiny ~ Smilie Mommy


  1. Naming your machine is necessary to keep them in line. Bernie is my Bernina - no imagination there. Little Brother is my Brother and Sarge is my serger. I also have a featherweight and she has to have an Irish name so she is Fiona!

    1. Regina, those names are fantastic! That makes me wonder if Hazel is appropriate for her then, I'm thinking I have to figure out her Japanese name again, it was much cuter =P haha.