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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Olfa Collection of Rotary Cutters & Mats

So, I made a new friend, Bruce Kennedy on Twitter yesterday and he runs a Olfa business in the UK and online.  It made me start thinking about how all of my rotary cutters   and cutting mats are made by Olfa.  So here is a picture of my growing collection.  I bought the nifty Olfa rotary circle cutter during a demonstration at a quilt show last year, seems it would work so much better if I took it out of the package, oops....haha :p  I have three of their Olfa cutting mats, a nice sized one for my cutting table (36"x24"), and one that sits next to my sewing machine (18"x12" Olfa cutting mat) that is great while I am paper piecing and one that is my tote (18"x24")   when I take a class.  I honestly do use all of my rotary cutters, the largest one when I am cutting through many layers of fabric at the same time, like I did for my Stack-n-Whack quilts.  I obviously love their stuff.  No one asked me to write this blog post, this was my idea since if you know me, I will take pictures of everything if it stays still long enough...LoL!  So let me know, what is your favorite tool and even the brand you prefer.  This happened to be the brand I received recommendations for and have stuck with them ever since.  :-)

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