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Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 May ~ Costume & Prop Mom ~ Suessical Jr.

I have been pretty preoccupied this past month+ with making a bunch of goodies for my oldest son's school play, plus my trip to AZ and finishing up a teacher appreciation gift.  The play will be on in a few days and the kids are very excited!  Here are some pics of what I have done so far.   
I altered this adult size jumper so it could fit a 4th grader and added the funky pouch to the front so she could carry her little friend the kangaroo in it, to help show that she is "Sour the Kangaroo" in the play :-) The kangaroo is also secured to the jumper in 2 places with yarn.
I made these hats for the The "Wickersham Brothers", 3 mischievous monkeys initials on hats for their 1st names :-)
These crazy tails coordinate with the hats above for the monkeys, I added a large loop at the top so it could be worn with a belt.  They have a hanger in them so they can be bent as they would like :-)
The trufulla trees, taped the trunks with different colored duct tapes, grass from poster board, in a bucket filled about 1/3 up with concrete, hole in the top with pvc pipe to securely hold it (Thank you hubby & boys for the making of the concrete xox).  Then cardboard for the tops covered in painted cotton balls :-)
My niece, Rebecca helping by cutting out 4 of the tree tops, so thankful for her help!  She just graduated high school this weekend!  Congrats Becca boo!

The picture I have of the nest for Jo-Jo the Who child was made from an office chair, but it isn't a very good picture, kids are standing in front of it during the play...haha :-)

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