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Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 April ~ Asterisk Block Pillows - Hawaii

I made these pillows for my friend, Megan who is in Hawaii, her hubby is stationed there at the moment.  Her kids were having a fund raiser for their school and my original idea was to use redm white and blue to have a patriotic theme, then as I made the 1st flag, I got upset thinking oh no, it looks like the British flag.  Then fortunatly I decided to look up the Hawaiian flag and realized it has the same similar symbol in the top left.  So I went with it and Megan seems to very pleased :
The pillows together, the fronts :-)
Front of Pillow #1
Back of Pillow #1 :-)
Front of Pillow #2 :-)
Back of Pillow #2

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