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Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 April ~ Baby Quilt Top #8 Finished in Jan.

This baby quilt was made for my dear friend, Joy who just had her first baby, Gracie the end of February!  I had to wait to post pictures since she is also a follower of my blog.  Had the shower today (April 28, 2012) so here are the pics, I loved seeing how excited everyone was by something I made, I told her she better use it and not just let it hang over a chair, I will have my eye on her, congrats again to Joy & Kevin on their beautiful baby girl!

PS...The back of the quilt is a double sided minky that the quilter said she would never quilt on again.  Lucky me, I was the very appreciative guinea pig :-)

The pattern for this quilt can be found in this cute book, called Quilts for Baby:

Here is a close up of the rail fence design.  The pattern can be found in this cute "Quilts for Baby" book.
Baby quilt top for a close friend's baby that is due next month, it still needs batting, quilting & binding 1-16-2012
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  1. I keep noticing your "Made for" labels on the quilts. How do you make them? Are they printed with ink or embroidered? Just curious as the print is so neat. Might make a good article/post topic.

  2. Thanks a bunch for your question :-) This particular label I had made for me at a quilt shop, it was embroidered on a nice special machine. Normally I make my own labels and they are done with a stamp that I really enjoy, then I heat set it with an iron and do the rest in my own writing and heat set as well. I prefer sewing it down under the border to help ensure it will always be known who made it with love for them, where and when :-)